Elsha Leventis - Artist, Eyescapes, Watercolors, Oil


Canvas Gallery, Toronto, www.canvasgallery.ca, 416-532-5275

Deljou Art Group, USA, www.deljouartgroup.com, 404-350-7190 (contact Sonja Rodewald)

In2Art Gallery, Oakville, www.in2artgallery.com, 905-582-6739

PI Fine Art, Toronto, www.picreativeart.com, 416-789-7156

Viva Vida Galerie D'Art, Montreal, www.vivavidaartgallery.com, 514-694-1110

solo exhibitions

2014eScapes, June 2—30, Balzac's Gallery
2011 Featured artist Odgers Berndtson corporate collection, Royal Bank Tower, Donald Brackett, curator
2010 Peripheral Vision, June 16—July 4, RedEye Gallery
2009 Soft Focus, RedEye Gallery
2008 Eye to Eye, Part I, Balzac's Gallery
  Eye to Eye, Part II, RedEye Gallery
2007 Eyeing Spring, RedEye Gallery
2006 Eyescapes, RedEye Gallery

selected group shows

2012The Artist Project Toronto, March 1—4, Toronto
2011 The Artist Project, March 3—6, Toronto
  The Artist Project, March 17—20, Pier 92, New York
  Square Foot Show, July
  Princess Margaret Hospital lottery home, Oakville
2010 Artist Project booth at the Interior Design Show, February
  The Artist Project, March 4—7
  RedEye at Balzac's, March 1—April 5
2009 Cool Art I, RedEye Gallery
  Toronto Art Expo
  Square Foot Show, AWOL Gallery
  Vis a Vis, Arta Gallery
2008Hot & Cold, RedEye Gallery
  Interior Design Show, Sarah Richardson's design home
  Bright. Night. Light, RedEye Gallery
  Whodunit, Ontario College of Art and Design, November
2007 24 Hours in the City. RedEye Gallery
  Little Art Show, Riverdale Artwalk fundraise
  Covent Garden Gallery, Wellington, Ontario
2006 Beyond Landscape. RedEye Gallery
  Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
  Group Show. RedEye Gallery
2005 Little Art Show, Riverdale Artwalk fundraiser
  Art for Life, juried selection, Sunnybrook & Women's Hospital fundraiser
2004Little Art Show, Riverdale Artwalk fundraiser
  Art for Life, juried selection, Sunnybrook and Women's Hospital fundraiser
2003Little Art Show, Riverdale Artwalk fundraiser
  Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Nathan Phillip's Square
  NOAR tour of artist studios
  Toronto Indoor Art Show (Art Expo), Toronto
  Rendered with Conviction, The Oasis Pub
2002Colour and Form Society, 50th Annual Juried Show, First Prize
  VoiceOver, OCAD Gallery, Toronto
  Exelerator, Joint University of Toronto and OCAD collaboration
  Tusk Gallery, OCAD Go West show


  The Eye in Art, Jenny Lynn, USA, unpublished
2011 Income Property, HGTV
  Canadian House and Home, October
2009 Canadian House and Home, March
  "What Makes Good Art?" presentation by Mark Challen,
  VP Communications of House & Home Media, at Artist Project, March
  "What to Look for in Art", presentation by Professor David McClymont, Toronto
  Toronto Art Expo
  Style at Home, June
2008 "Camp Outside but Full Luxury Inside," The Globe and Mail, February 29
  Canadian House and Home, June
  Style at Home, September
  The Sentinel, feature film set


AOCAD, Ontario College of Art and Design, Drawing and Painting
BA, University of Toronto
Art courses through the Art Gallery of Ontario
DTATI, Toronto Art Therapy Institute


McLeod Young Weir, Toronto
Sarah Richardson Design, Toronto
Park Hyatt Hotel, Toronto
Corporate and private collections worldwide