Hello! Welcome to my website.

Born in Amsterdam, I am a graduate of the University of Toronto, TMU, OCADU and the Toronto Art Therapy Institute, and have been a practising artist primarily in Toronto’s Distillery District for more than twenty years. Most recently I co-owned RedEye Studio with fellow contemporary artist Marina Hanacek, where we created, exhibited, and sold our art in the Distillery.

My Eyescape series focuses on small to large circular works in oil, usually on mylar. Oil in various thicknesses is laid down on the mylar, then manipulated by adding or subtracting paint, creating interesting textures. I try to capture both the landscape of the eye and what is seen through it.

My Flow paintings reflect the nature of water in mostly black and white acrylic paint and resin on wood or canvas. From gently lapping water to turbulent waves, water often reflects moods and emotions, yet has the capacity to change how we feel. Getting in the flow is endlessly fascinating and mesmerizing.

My work has been represented by several galleries in the GTA, including the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Blue Crow Gallery, Canvas Gallery, In2Art, and PI Fine Art and has been shown in major art shows such as the Artist Project and the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, and appeared in television commercials, shows and movies.